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Publications & Papers

Book Publications.

Myths of Demons and Users. Chapter in Information Analysis: Selected Readings, edited by Robert Galliers, Addison Wesley, 1987.

Journal Publications.

A World First? The Enneagram in Papua New Guinea. TALK Journal for the Association of Enneagram Teachers in the Narrative Tradition (International). May 2008, Vol XVI, No 2

A Roving Enneagram Ambassador. TALK Journal for the Association of Enneagram Teachers in the Narrative Tradition (International). January 2007, Vol XV, No 1

Conference Papers.

Fanning the Fire Within… Authentic Leadership of Self and Others. Leadership Agility in a Dramatically Changing World: Skills for Thriving Despite Impermanence. Brisbane, April 2012

Yasi and the ‘Winds of Change’! Leading during Impending and Imposed Change. National Change Management Institute. Sydney, August 2001.

The Impact of Personality Type on Physical Activity and Healthy Eating: Using the Enneagram. 26th ACHPER International Conference, Brisbane, July 2009

Applying the Enneagram in Organizational Life: Leadership, Team Coaching, and Conflict Resolution. International Enneagram Association Conference. Las Vegas, August 2009

Managing the Conflict from Change in the Workplace. 15th National Office Professionals Conference. Brisbane, August 2008

Motivating Different Personalities in the Classroom and Within Your School. ACHPER QLD H&PE Conference. Brisbane, August 2007

The Secret Life of You: Sussing Out What Really Drives You and Others. International Not-for-Profit Convention and Exhibition. Gold Coast, November 2007

Listening to the Screaming Silence: Congruent Leadership During Change Australian Computer Society Conference. (Qld Branch) Sunshine Coast, July 1996

Wiping Blood off the Floor! Understanding and Managing the Emotional Chaos of Change. Asia-Pacific Conference. ACS Gold Coast, September 1994.

Organizational Power: Computing Specialists Do Have It. Joint International Symposium, Information Systems (IFIP & ACS). Sydney, February 1988. Conference Proceedings, pp 205-226

User Resistance and The Exercise of Power: Lessons Learned from Cassius Clay and Mahatma Gandhi. Australian Computer Society Conference, Keynote Address, ACC ‘87. Melbourne, September 1987. Conference Proceedings, pp 455-466.

Aces Up Your Sleeve For Avoiding Disasters: Principles For Successful Systems. Australian Computer Society, ACC ‘86. Gold Coast, September 1986. Conference Proceedings, pp 426-438.

Why Development Methodologies Don’t Prevent Disasters. Software Engineering Conference. Canberra, May 1986. Conference Proceedings, pp 51-54.

The Yin of Consultancy: Why Half-Brained Interventions Fail. National Conference for the Australian Institute of Training and Development, AITD ‘86. Hobart, April 1986.

Add Organizational Skills: The New Profile for the Effective Computing Professional. The First Pan-Pacific Computer Conference. Melbourne, September 1985. Conference Proceedings, pp 1178-1192.

Control or Facilitation: When Does the Horse Bolt? National EDP Auditors Conference, EDPAC ‘85. Brisbane, May 1985. Conference Proceedings, pp 171-181.

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