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The following testimonials relate to the Enneagram at work.

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“It was invaluable to see how each personality type impacts someone’s leadership style, and how to use the new understandings to work with staff: for achievement of outcomes AND relationships.”

“I will now be far less frustrated when faced by people’s responses to situations. I can now understand their motivations!”

“This workshop has provided me with exactly the right language so I can speak with my senior manager. Until now we have clashed. I now appreciate where she is coming from.”

“It was riveting, stimulating and helpful. While I have found other personality profiling tools interesting and quite helpful at times, they pale in comparison to the power of this new model. For me it was like someone turning on a light bulb. Things that had been puzzling or troubling me suddenly made sense. I was armed with a new wisdom to guide me forward in my daily work. It has left me thirsty for more information and discussion.”

“At 53, and having chosen to attend many “leadership” workshops, I thought I was getting too old for the types of revelations that occurred over those two days, and the days back at work that followed. This is the first time in many years that I’ve felt the need to follow up with additional reading and discussion.”

“Who needs conflict resolution tools, when you have the Enneagram? By developing a deep understanding between people, the enneagram provides the knowledge to prevent disputes from developing, rather than offering merely a cure.”

“Listening to participants of my type talk about their strengths and areas for improvement proved to be invaluable. By the end of the second day I was absolutely clear about my goal. I lost no time in putting my newly discovered wisdom into practice and was astounded. Not only did it actually work for me, it also gave me a deeper understanding of all my behaviours in relationships. I recommend this to anyone interested in being truly human!”

“While some of the content is fairly confronting, it is also very liberating. It is not for the faint-hearted. But if you are game, it provides the kind of insights that really makes a difference in the way you choose to live your life – at work and at home.”

“A fascinating insight into the person I have become. This goes far beyond the job. It will help me live the rest of my life. Thank-you. Thank-you. Thank-you.”

“I got far more than the increased awareness of leadership styles that I was hoping for. I now have an increased understanding of myself and, more importantly, of others’ motivations.”

“I saw other people’s wisdom being unlocked!”

“I learned a lot from the workshop which I found confronting, yet highly absorbing, creative and ground breaking. So much has become clearer to me as a result of attending, and I am putting into place much that I have learned. The manner in which you conducted it was highly professional and supportive.”

“A professionally and personally enriching experience. I know it will improve my leadership and management style.”

“Now I think I have guessed her enneagram type, I think I know how to understand my boss who has been driving me nuts! Even if I am wrong, this is a reminder that she is an individual who thinks differently and is, presumably, driven by a different motivator.”

“As well as a journey of self-discovery, it gave me further insights into my work colleagues motivations, and also helped me to appreciate the diversity of leadership styles in the organization.”

“The enneagram is more than a tool-kit. It supplies the spanners as well!”

“The morning after the workshop finished, I was on an interviewing panel. I was able to use my new-found Enneagram knowledge in gaining an insight into the chosen applicant’s leadership style, how he is motivated, and how he would be able to work within our team and our organization.”

“I had the ability to put what I had learned into practice as soon as the workshop was over! This is critically important, yet very hard to achieve. Thank-you for the skills.”

“I don’t feel as if I am a “tradesman” any more when I am dealing with people issues.”

“This opportunity for personal evaluation will help me make some essential career decisions. It has provided some peace of mind and some confirmation of ideas about my approach to work and people. The understanding I now have of my strengths and weaknesses will help me present myself to prospective employers. I am looking forward to following the research in this field and attending further workshops.”

“The workshop was heaven on a stick for me … all the flavours of life!”

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