We understand what motivates people…


So many models… Yet so few answers!
Hilary is a highly respected consultant, who has spent a professional lifetime, working with organizations using almost every model that has become available, to promote understanding and address people issues. She has worked with TQM, MBTI, Belbin, FIRO, Kepner-Tregoe, Psychodrama, Gestalt, Transactional Analysis etc. etc. None of them has the power of the Enneagram.

Prior to knowing the Enneagram, it was often difficult to get to the core of many issues and find lasting solutions!

  • Why did leaders fail to understand and motivate their staff into producing consistently excellent results?
  • Why did so many people in organizations stew with frustration, finding the behaviours of others incomprehensible and intolerable?
  • Why was it so hard for team members to develop mutual respect, build on each others’ strengths, and welcome a wide range of individual differences?
  • Why did people and teams get into on-going conflicts that were sometimes almost impossible to unravel?
  • Why did some people become angry, inflexible and unhappily stuck, in their work and interactions, to the detriment of all?
  • Why did organizations so often lose excellent people, who never felt understood by their managers?
Ask yourself…

“Despite the huge investments of time and money by your organization into leadership and staff development, why do so many people fall into the same old traps they have always fallen in to?”


“Because none of the existing models uncover the hidden drivers of our behaviour. Everything starts with knowing this. If we don’t know this, we will never understand and change ourselves or others!”

Without the Enneagram, we will keep hearing people say “people are our greatest resource”. But leaders and teams will never truly capitalize on this resource, creating consistently productive and well-motivated work teams, until they deeply understand the basics: What Drives People… and What Drives Me?

After Hilary embraced the Enneagram as a key method of intervening in organizational issues, speedy, wide-reaching, long-term results were achieved!
With the insights available through the Enneagram, people see exactly what is happening and can immediately change their, and others’, patterns of acting and reacting! Organizational issues can now be deeply understood and resolved! The Enneagram allows people to get “to the guts” of even the most entrenched, and previously unsolvable, issues and address them at last. It reaches the mind, heart and soul of people!

Organizational managers & staff are saying…

Organizational managers & staff who have worked with Hilary Langford are saying:“The two days were riveting, stimulating and helpful. While I have found other personality profiling tools interesting and quite helpful at times, they pale in comparison to the power of this new model. For me it was like someone turning on a light bulb. Things that had been puzzling or troubling me suddenly made sense. I was armed with a new wisdom to guide me forward in my daily work.”

“Who needs conflict resolution tools, when you have the Enneagram? By developing a deep understanding between people, the enneagram provides the knowledge to prevent disputes from developing, rather than offering merely a cure.”

“Listening to participants of my type talk about their strengths and areas for improvement proved to be invaluable. By the end of the second day I was absolutely clear about my goal. I lost no time in putting my newly discovered wisdom into practice and was astounded. Not only did it actually work for me, but it also gave me a deeper understanding of all my behaviours in relationships. I recommend this to anyone interested in being truly human!”

“While some of the content is fairly confronting, it is also very liberating. It is not for the faint-hearted. But if you are game, it provides the kind of insights that really makes a difference in the way you choose to live your life – at work and at home.”

“A fascinating insight into the person I have become. This goes far beyond the job. It will help me live the rest of my life. Thank-you. Thank-you. Thank-you.”


The Enneagram is the most powerful and insightful tool yet for understanding teams, leadership, and human behaviour.

It describes nine distinctly different personality profiles, revealing the driver behind everything we do. It tells us who we really are! The Enneagram also reveals the hidden behaviour patterns that hold people back at work, and in their day to day interactions.

The Enneagram extends far beyond other personality type descriptions (like MBTI). It gets to the very heart of how we work, and the strengths and talents we offer each other and our organizations. It also confronts us by identifying our compulsive self-defeating patterns that are in our “blind spots”!

Once people and teams understand the Enneagram, they discover their:

  • deepest motivations;
  • habitual patterns, both helpful and unhelpful;
  • strengths, skills & talents; as well as their
  • resistances, blind spots, preoccupations & limitations.

When these are clear, people and teams can solve the problems that have been on-going barriers to productivity and satisfaction in their working lives.

Scary to get into this territory? Maybe… but immensely rewarding, and useful if the leader or the team wants a solid foundation from which to be consistently effective!

So, where did the Enneagram come from?
The enneagram has been developing for over two thousand years, being passed down and embellished by those communities who study the human condition. It existed before, and will continue to be useful long after, many of the “flavour of the month” techniques and tools have been forgotten! It provides an incredibly rich understanding of human behaviour captured in a wisdom that has stood the test of time.

In the past few decades, the Enneagram has been rediscovered and adopted by organizational practitioners around the world and is “state-of-the-art” in executive coaching, leadership, team & staff development. It is the most complete way of knowing ourselves, and what we can contribute as leaders and as team members.

The results are in…

So what do you get when you use the Enneagram to address people issues?

As your Enneagram type is driving what you are thinking and doing, every minute of every day, it’s invaluable knowing how you are different from others around you. With the Enneagram at your fingertips, you can break free of your compulsive behaviours. You will be more productive, a better leader or team member, a more effective communicator, and far more skilful in developing others.

You will also find that coming to work each day is far more satisfying, as many of the intransigent people-issues CAN be solved!

Oliver & Langford